In this writing, people’s representatives in the previous legislative term, are mostly addressed, the lawmakers who failed to act as proper as needed.
Afghan people expect the new wolesi Jirga or lower house of Afghan parliament to start working after a long delay, but the assembly failed to elect its administrative board over past three days.
Taking into consideration the failure of the lower house regarding the electing of administrative board, the following issues are to be discussed:

Inaccuracy and lack of required anticipation while legislation are counted as issues creating many problems, there are various aspects for the issues, however the main source of the problem would depend on the legislators who pay no appropriate attention in terms of legislation, subsequently they would be unable to anticipate the events occurring in the future.

While legislating, some lawmakers in Afghanistan due to lack of legislation experiences could not anticipate logical analysis of an event that takes place in the future.
Election-related legal documents can prove our posit, the disputes arisen since second presidential election till the recently parliamentary polls would be the results of existence of defective election-related legal documents in the country.

Definitely, different interpretations of electoral legal documents by individuals could cause a big problem; however there are some other factors such as vacuities in Afghan laws making complication.
The internal rule of procedure of lower house of Afghan parliament is one those legal documents that has many vacuities.
In fact, the rule of procedure in the chamber regulates all activities of the lower house including organizing of legislation process in the country,
As it regulates all activities of the chamber so it has direct impact on legislation process in other word if the rule of procedure is powerful then other laws would be free of every kind of problems.
2. What happened two days ago was the negative result of the rule of procedure approved by the previous lower house of Afghan National Assembly.

In the past five years, the lower house of Afghan parliament could recognize vacuities in its rule of procedure as well as it could not predict preventing of its negative outcomes so that we can easily judge about its case.
Most of  the MPs in the previous lower house have been re-elected in the recently-conducted parliamentary election, now they can see what they have done for the new house , as the recently disputes in the lower house is something that would be results of the rule of procedure approved by them in the previous term.
It seems that a small number of MPs in the lower house are committed to national interest and that is why we would face with followings: the previous parliamentary term, a few numbers of MPs have seated during working days. And the administrative board was trying to find out a way to put an end to the issue. The administrative board’s effort was to bring a series of obligation on how to prevent repeatedly absence of MPs.

The MPs’ absence in the chamber of lower house has raised some questions:  what the MPs have been doing during the work days of the chamber and where was the importance of their presence inside the chamber of outside of it?
If their involvement outside of the chamber has been important, then why most of them have run for parliamentary election in the second round, even some of the have been reelected?
Some MPs who have been re-elected desire to get reputation so that they then could easily misuse their authorities where they want.

B. In the previous legislative term, MPs in the lower house of Afghan parliament were making efforts to bring increase in their salaries and other privileges thus; the lobbying over privileges was their top priority.

C. Racial and languages differences- related issues have remained as big challenges since the beginning of the legislative term in the lower house of Afghan parliament. And MPs failed to approach a consensus in some discussing issues so that some issues have been remaining unsolved after long discussions and arguments in the previous period,
The remaining challenges are expected to be solved by new MPs of lower house.
For instance, one of the remaining challenges of the previous lower house is a discussion over national and administrative terms which the MPs failed to come into conclusion about.

The MPs are expected to have gained lessons from the problems emerged in the previous parliamentary working period, and they should do their best not to repeat the wrong doings occurred in the previous term.

We will never witness the anarchy inside the chamber of lower house, if the MPs have remained committed and loyal to parliamentary principles and functions.
The anarchy that has recently emerged in the chamber of lower house would be results of MPs’ absence in the previous term.
And may inaccuracy and lack of commitment by MPs to the nation would result in creation of incontrollable crisis in the country.

The MPs should not be deceived for many times, the recently tensions and crisis might be enough and we expect them to participate all plenary and committees’ session to make nation-based decisions for the future of Afghanistan.
esbah Hosain Forugh


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