Kabul – Thursday ( 20 – October – 2011)

The foreign minister of US of America Hilary Clinton have been giving a warring for honestly combating against terrorism, they must negotiate or should be ready to combating.

Foreign minister of America in unannounced trip arrived yesterday evening to Kabul,  she has joined in press conference with president Hamid Karzai  and said, she will go to Pakistan too , she will talk with Pakistani officials regarding to assist Pakistan against combating with terrorism.

Mrs. Clinton in a press conference that was held today ,said:” Pakistan can have positive position regarding to peace process of Afghanistan also destroying or negative position, but our clear message is this the terrorist base must be eradicating form both borders the terrorist bases are not benefit to Afghanistan nor for Pakistan, we will be talk with Pakistan and also combating but selection is up to Pakistan with which one is agree, thus we will have been giving ,what kind of  pressure we put to  Pakistan  in order to  performs their promises , we had spoken with president Karizai”.  

After killing of Bin laden the America relation became murky with Pakistan and assassinated of Burhanndin Rabbani chief of high peace council had been the destroyed liaison between Afghanistan and Pakistan, America and Afghanistan claimed to  dishonestly assist against combating with terrorism accuse; the accusation always rejected by Pakistan .

The foreign minister of America have been giving a warring for both borders insurgences:”  our message is this now for the both borders insurgences that we will combat with your bases and will reache to your bases”; and she did not remind anything about  directly  military attack over Pakistan land for eradicating of insurgences of Taliban .

In the lately days a groups of international troops have moved in the eastern area of country; the moving target is avoid from the enters of insurgences announced in this side border.

Hamid Karzai with friendly words requested to negotiate with Pakistan.

He said:” will have negotiated in a more friendly behavior with Pakistan brothers”.

President Karzai has been delaying the negotiation after the assassinated of chief of high peace council and said that after this the negotiation will not with Taliban it will be continuing with Pakistan.

We are always try to reflect the truth