Investigation Report

Dictatorship of Arbaki in Konduz province

 Imposed fear and horror by Afghan Local Police (ALP) Arbaki don’t allow people to speak about their problems in Northern Province of Konduz.
Most of the province’s residents who want to talk about their problems to medias prefer not be named and they speak in condition of anonymity.

Narcotics an unsolved problem in Afghanistan

Investigative report: in regard to Narcotics
Production source: Suboot News Agency
Investigative journalists: Mir. Mohammad Seddiq Zaliq& Misbaah Hosain Forugh

Narcotics an unsolved problem in Afghanistan

Executive Summary
Since 2001, people of Afghanistan and international community have been expecting an afghan administration that could take serious and firm actions to tackle problems in different spheres including eradication of narcotics in Afghanistan.
Contrary to the expectations, over last10 years, Afghan Government has remained failed in counter- narcotics campaign and the actions taken by the government have not been identified as effective .
Over last 10 years, due to some reasons including increasingly insecurity, neighbors’ interference in internal affairs of Afghanistan, affiliation of drug traders with high government authorities, increase in addiction and making of a lot of money by drug traders, Afghan Government has failed to properly pursue counter-narcotics campaign in the country.

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