Ten years past from being international community in Afghanistan, during these years civilian had the most casualties. But until now no sides (not the international community, not the Taliban groups) are willing to accept responsibility for civilian deaths. However, reported after a review of the UN in the first six months of 2011 increased 15% civilian casualties and the main cause of the increased the casualties is considered, air operations at night and the external forces. According, the report and documentary, close to 1,500 civilians killed during this period.

However, the foreign forces know the main casualties of  civilians are the cause of hiding the Taliban among the civilians and the use of civilians as a shield.
The Taliban didn’t take the responsibility for the civilian casualties , Mullah Mohammad Omar in his messages that published in different occasions, has said:  prevent from civilian killing. Mullah Mohammad Omar in his very recent message on Eid Qurban has been published, said: That some of civilians die as an accident and if the Afghans separate from U.S. soldiers will prevent from killing.
In his message addressed to his commanders did not mention about the command to stop organized assassinations or prevent from doing assassinations in the civilians sections. While most civilian casualties have been followed in organized suicide attacks. Mullah Omar assured in his message to the Afghans would not be violent in the Eid days, But during the three days of Eid, at least three explosions took place in various provinces and as result of the explosion, close to 20 civilians were killed.
So this organization said Mullah Mohammad Omar message deceitful, regarding the prevention of civilian casualties, and says, there's evidence, which shows that Taliban deliberate targeting of civilians  and even after Mullah Omar ordered the killing of civilians have continued.
One of the officials Amnesty International organization told; that the Taliban and other insurgent groups in Afghanistan, are aware about the laws of war and how to use when needed.
But it seems they break and violate the rules regularly, but this official didn’t told, that how laws of war are considered and use by the external or foreigner forces.
Both the foreign forces and the Taliban do not take the responsibility of all the civilian casualties, which means that both the foreign forces and the Taliban are responsible for civilian casualties. Taliban as a rebel group has condemned from Amnesty International  because of breaking the laws of war.
But if the foreign forces as the combatant forces of terror and terrorism are to shackle the law, certainly, civilian casualties would be reduced. Mistrust among foreign forces and people has been appeared, and is growing every day, making a field goal to bring the Taliban closer to their aims.  Avoid civilian casualties by foreign forces can largely reduce the people uncertainty and prevent form Taliban propaganda among the people, and people cooperate in the fight against terrorism with the Afghan government and foreign forces.
Prepared by Hakim Mukhtar
Translated by Ahmadi

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