Kabul, July 9th, 2012

The Afghan Women’s Network condemns the public execution of Najiba in Parwan province, as first reported by Reuters on Sunday 8 July 2012. Amateur video of the execution are circulating on the Internet, which shows the 22-year-old being shot at close range nine times, and a crowd of men cheering. The Afghan Women’s Network, which is an umbrella organization of 96 NGO members and over 5000 individual members, condemns this heinous act in strongest terms and urges the government to take urgent action against the perpetrators.

Earliest this week a woman was beheaded in Ghazni along with her two children. Another woman was shot to death in Herat by her own family member. The Afghan Women’s Network demands that the government protect the rights of Afghan women, and comply with the various international human rights conventions to which Afghanistan is party to.

“This incident is entirely against all principles of Islam & against all the national laws and international obligations of Afghanistan,” said Wazhma Frogh, a member of AWN. “No one has the right to prosecute & punish anyone without a due process and without a formal court procedure. The woman murdered in Parwan deserves justice and we call on the Afghan government to do all in its powers to arrest and prosecute perpetrators who are shown in this heinous video.”

About Afghan Women’s Network
The Afghan Women’s Network is an umbrella organization of around 96 NGO members and over 5000 individual members committed to protect the rights of Afghan Women. Our activities are advocacy and lobbying to influence legislative reforms to project and promote women’s rights, networking to coordinate actions between various national and international organizations, and capacity building of its members.

The Afghan Women’s Network has recently launched a Rapid Response Initiative to increase protection for women at risk through a quick response mechanism. By using new technology and tools, AWN aim to provide a critical service to women by providing referral services to survivors of violence and leading an advocacy and lobbying platform to protect the rights of women.

Daughter Born, Born Violence in Afghanistan Police in Afghanistan say they are searching for an Afghan man keen of a son who apparently killed his wife after she gave birth to a third daughter. at the main while a husband and wife originally from Afghanistan have been found guilty in Canada of murdering their three teenage daughters and the father's first wife in a case that the judge described as stemming from a "twisted concept of honor."

Kabul: 24 November  

The United Nation Assistance Mission in Afghanistan, revealed that only a small number of cases of violence against women have been taken legal action under the Elimination of Violence Against Women law, approved more than two years ago.

The United Nation Secretarial and peace discourse necessities’ with the Taliban

Calls the Secretarial and suggests, for active participation of women at the level of decision in normalization of situations and peace process, in order to implements in practice the landscape plan of (A/49/587).

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