The United Nation Secretarial and peace discourse necessities’ with the Taliban

Calls the Secretarial and suggests, for active participation of women at the level of decision in normalization of situations and peace process, in order to implements in practice the landscape plan of (A/49/587).

As the state government, the inherent tendency to self and tyranny, and tries to win all the equations change.
State as State, which has inherent tendency to self- arbitrator, has dictatorship and efforts to change all equations to their advantage.
State as State without any belonging, want to have authority on social and political currents,  of course sometimes it can have long  relationship together, and in a similar condition ,the government's interest and advice the non flows of that, the combination will achieved. Therefore, the inherent of government find angle with these events, make obvious his inherent trend, and sometimes take the color of tyranny dictatorship.
One of the human groups who permanently vulnerable in the political and social events are women. The women have known very vulnerable human group that their legal domains have broken by the governments, their social and political prestige has been looted in power equations, because women have weaken defense power and in less cases struggled with violence for their taking legal rights. Therefore, women were ahead in all civil struggles soft protesting.
The second article of 1325 UN Security Council Resolution wants from UN general secretarial organizational to put in practice the perspective of project seriously; in this propose emphasized on violence victims consideration of their rights in peace process and justice implementation.
Whereas Afghanistan government has the membership of UN, and have commitment in practical  of  1325 resolution , it seems a section of UN responsibilities solved ; but what is important, is this that UN should observe from the implementing of the  resolution in Afghanistan, as it mentioned on the second article, the general secretarial of this organization must be entire to put it in practice, the landscape plan must consider as an obligations for negotiating, the continuation of peace dialogues in Afghanistan practically implement in practice through the government of Afghanistan.

This is a fact that Afghanistan government as accepted legal entity, by the people of Afghanistan, is responsible to pay attention about the role of women during  peace talks, and during the transitional justice take practical action  regarding the women
Regarding to this point, Afghanistan government hasn’t been talking with one political group but, Taliban are, as ideological oppositions toward Afghanistan government that have special ideological  definition for women; if Afghanistan government  during the dialogue with the Taliban don’t take committed and seriously the women role, there is a risk that peace result with Taliban will be transaction with social and political status of  women's right and once again from political scene of  Afghanistan.
The UN and the UN general secretarial according to second article of 1325 resolution are obligate to make clear the role of women in peace dialogues and should have a serious observations, and must insure from putting in practice.
so the UN as active species, should observe from Afghanistan government policy in peace dialogues with oppositions and emphasize on justice implementing of women's right in peace process with Taliban.
written by: Mesbah Hessin Foroogh
Translated by: Abdul Khaliq Noori
Edited by: Ahamdi

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