Sexual assault and women’s trafficking, in all the countries that are engaged in violence, acts similarly. women have suffered the bitter experiences of violence in Sudan's Darfur, in Bosnia and in our country, Afghanistan. Therefore, it’s very important that we know the spirit of this resolution, we know it and try to implement it.

One of the main objectives of UN Resolution is to be given to women in countries like Afghanistan to take the opportunities for the women for taking wisdom decisions in order to take part  for maintenance peace and rebuilding their country. The symbolic role of women cannot carry them in the main part of society, but the women will be in the margin of the society.

In the last three decades, women in Afghanistan were in but condition. The women for peace building have symbolic role in Afghanistan that it is extremely unpleasant. For this the UN  1325 Resolution is more important  for Afghanistan.

Afghanistan is a UN member and has accepted Charter of UN organization and Universal Declaration of Human Rights. So the implementation of this resolution according to the UN Charter is necessary in Afghanistan.

The first article of 1325 UN Resolution:

Armed conflicts have great suffer on women emotional and life therefore it is necessary to predicted effective mechanisms to defend considerably, them with full participation in the peace process. It can be, effective and will contribute strengthening peace process and international security.

It is written in the first article of UN Security Council, and 1325 UN Resolution, "it calls seriously the member States to start women sharing more active in all levels of teaching  in national institutes framework , regional and world  mechanisms  in order to prevent war and  provide resolve conflict.”

It has seen that UN organization is serious for implementing this resolution in the countries, and according to the first commitment UN Security Council Resolution 1325 and the Afghanistan promise is a necessity toward the United Nations Charter and Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The Afghan government in the maintenance peace process that is done through of peace council  of  Afghanistan, ends to the symbolic role of women and take the roles of women's decisions in peace process negotiations.  In order to give the graceful and dignified commitment to take practical steps to implement1325 UN Resolution, otherwise once again, women will involve in armed conflicts in man lord (male-dominated) society of Afghanistan.
written by : Mesbah Hessin Forogh
Translated by: Khaliq Noori
Edited by : jawida Ahamdi

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