U.S Secretary of State Hillary Clinton entered Wednesday evening, Afghanistan and attended in a joint press conference with President Karzai on Thursday 

Although discussion and agreement in the talks with the officials, has its own importance, but the most important issue is that, in fact Afghanistan still is important for the international community and this can be  a best opportunity that Afghan government could use to provide economic and political aspects of the country.

One of the responsibilities that governments have, are creating opportunities, that could lead to their growth and these opportunities can achievable via political and economic plans, for example, Switzerland has planned special economic Collaborative that Creates an opportunity for the country's political and economic .Switzerland is the safest countries for banking transactions which are used by investors. And this has caused Switzerland be a good place  in politics and international relations.

The presence of international terrorism in Afghanistan was turned into an opportunity ten years ago that Afghanistan, became significant place in the arena of international relations. And international community’s congregated to rescue Afghanistan for being of position of terrorism training. By putting down billions of dollars in economic and military aid, achieved formally

And the establishment of a system that it was headed by President Hamid Karzai, exactly was born, cause of this opportunity nobody tried to provide that oppertunity, but it was a chance, that maybe if it was not created, needed years of effort to bring Afghanistan into its modern significance.

However, these opportunities were less as a political role in bringing the opportunities The world's attention to Afghanistan as the country's geographic location, it could increase the importance and influence on international relations

It was a time that the country went down in terrorism, and had created an opportunity that our government could reasonably and logically use for economic growth, political and cultural. Unfortunately, the opportunity was wasted and did not utilize usefully. The high hopes for using the opportunities will become a hit, it seems the high hopes that these opportunities are to be turned into despair, and it seems Afghanistan to be still lose part of its own opportunities, it needs a bright eye to see and use these opportunities.

America as powerful country and European countries have declared their support toward Afghanistan. 

In the condition  that are involved in regional competition, needs for friendly relationship of Afghanistan and Afghanistan needs financially and military aids

Therefore the government and President Karzai consider the use of these opportunities as the final opportunity to make sense. It seems that this is the last opportunity for the political system in the country; perceive that, can they have the capability of using these opportunities.
predeclared by Ahmadi

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